American company, known worlwide builds machinery to separate metalics parts from scrap, shredder systems and conveyors.

American company specialized in engineering projects, build machinery like decouter, transporter corveyors and customized equipaments on demand.

Canadian company, specialized in engineering design and equipments builder. Manufacture melting furnaces with regenerative burner technology, sidewell and homogenization furnace with retractible roof.

An Austrian company with strong references as machinery builders, manufacture hybrid rotary furnace with high recovery rates and charging machine. Strong and reliable desing.

American company, specialized in complete solutions of dross management. Manufacture dross press and electromagnetic stirre.

Norwat company, belongs to Hydro Group, builds vertical casting system machinery to cast billets and slabs. Operates at the lowest conversition cost in market.

A Germany company, build hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic units, internal guided coated with Ceraplate ™ with more than 120 units sold worlwide for high technology demand. Strong presence in the oil and gas market.

A Canadian engineering company, build customized equipment on demand, sawing system, handling and packaging machinery.

An Australian engineering company build continuos ingots and sow casting machine.


An Austrian company, manufacture horizontal casting machine for billets, sheets, Tbars, ultrassonic test and thickness test.